10 Day Cycle With My Toronto Invisalign!

Two days ago I switched into aligner 9. I was also told that I can now follow a 10 day cycle! I`ve been waiting to hear this for a long time now. Switching to a 10 day cycle means I will complete my treatment sooner then I expected. Instead of finishing in March 2014, I should be done treatment by approximately December 2013/January 2014. At that time I will have completed all my aligners, however, there is still a chance that I will need refinement. When I originally began treatment, my upper canines were moderately rotated, meaning that it will take longer to correct their alignment. I was given the option of having partial braces to speed up the treatment, but I opted to have full Invisalign. For everyone who is planning to or currently in Invisalign treatment, just know that after your initial treatment, there is still a chance you may or may not need refinement. The refinement stage is generally to adjust any areas that you or the Orthodontist feels needs to be corrected. In my case, if the canines are not exactly where they should be, then we would proceed with refinement. Nonetheless, I am VERY excited to have been able to switch to a 10 day cycle! I'm crossing my fingers that my canines are cooperative and align themselves out by December!

On a side note, to all of my fellow Torontonians, I hope you are enjoying the beautiful spring weather that we are finally having! Thank you for reading and I look forward to updating you with progress photos soon!

Keep smiling =) 


  1. Anonymous6/01/2013

    How do you know if you are able to go to a 10 day cycle? How do you qualify? I have invisalign and am currently wearing them for 2 week cycle.

    1. Hi there, you would have to speak to your orthodontist to find out if you are able to switch to a ten day cycle. Also, to be able to switch to shorter cycle times, the aligner wear time has to be very good! Meaning 22 hrs/day minimum or more.