SMILE! Say Cheese.....with your Toronto Invisalign attachments!

Ever since I started Invisalign, two of the most common questions I get from patients about attachments are, "are they very noticeable in the front?" and "will they stain easily?"  I actually have 4 attachments on my top front teeth (lateral incisors and canines). I have gone through numerous 25 min Invisalign appointments talking to patients face to face (no mask), about 1-2 ft apart and they still never knew I was wearing Invisalign! I usually tell my patients that I have Invisalign at the end of the appointment because it puts them more at ease knowing that it's barely noticeable even 1 ft away. My attachments are slightly stained and that is due to my love for green tea and Chinese/Indian food! When drinking green tea, I usually use a straw to reduce the amount of staining. I also suggest to all my patients that they have a very thorough brush right after eating/drinking foods/liquids that will stain their attachments easily.  I would recommend using a whitening toothpaste as this may help with the attachments slightly. 

For everyone who is self conscious about stained attachments, or just attachments in general, I've posted a collage of close up smile pictures (of myself) from Feb 2012-present. I tried to find pictures of myself with and without the aligners on to show you the difference. Most of these were taken at restaurants so you'll notice that I wasn't wearing the aligners at the moment.  Here are some of my Invisalign attachment pictures :

Real life Invisalign attachment pictures

I would love to hear your feedback on how you feel about your attachments! Thanks for reading! 

Keep smiling =)

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  1. Anonymous11/13/2013

    Could attachments be used to pull down and lengthen the lateral incisors if they are quite a bit shorter than the central incisors??