Toronto Invisalign...Brand New Year...Brand New Smile

Happy New Year! Hope you all enjoyed the holidays and had a wonderful new years! Just like BBQ season in the summer, the holidays are full of dinner parties and lot's of food/treats.  Once again, this was a little challenging with Invisalign, but I made it work.  As funny as it sounds, I made sure I had a travel toothbrush on me whenever I went to a dinner party at someone's house.  I would sneak into the bathroom and have a quick brush before putting my trays back on.  This worked a little better when I was at my close relatives homes because I didn't have to sneak around to brush my teeth.  I also went to New York City this past week and it wasn't as hard to keep the 22hours/day as I thought it was going to be.  Luckily I was always close to a bathroom (private not public) so it was easy for me to have a quick brush if need be. I would say the only hard time was when I went out for dinner or a night out in the town.  During those nights, I would have a thorough rinse with water, put my trays on and brush both my teeth and aligners when I got home. 

Right now, I am in the process of midcourse correction.  Just before the holidays, we did another iOC scan to help adjust/change my treatment.  This is very normal and can happen to some people.  Unfortunately for me, I missed my IPR (interproximal reduction) date which caused my next aligners to not fit as snug.  Although this happened, I'm not worried at all in terms of my treatment.  I know I'm in good hands and my treatment is still progressing well.  It will almost be a year since I first started Invisalign. My teeth have aligned really well so far. I'm actually starting to get a lot of compliments and many of my friends and family are noticing a big difference with my smile and top two front teeth.  It's definitely a self esteem booster! 

I will be posting some progress photos of my teeth before the end of this month to mark my one year of wearing Invisalign. Hope 2013 is off to an amazing start for all of you!

Keep smiling =)


  1. HI,
    Thanks for your blog it is so helpful!
    is there any reason why you don't brush your teeth in public toilets? sometimes we may not have a choice, like when we are on holidays sight seeing all day or at work , etc. i'm going on a two week vacation soon and i will be walking around all day!

    1. There's absolutely nothing wrong with brushing your teeth in public restrooms, I just haven't encountered the need to do so yet. Usually I go home after eating at a restaurant which is why I wait to brush in the comfort of my own home. When I'm at work I brush my teeth/aligners after lunch. We have many patients who brush/floss at work! During vacations, I usually brush in airport bathrooms or public restrooms if need be. I have a small travel kit I keep in my purse just in case I need to have a quick brush/floss! Have a great time on your trip!

  2. Anonymous1/30/2013

    How do you find the refinements?

    1. So far they are great! I'm only 1 week into my 2nd tray. In a week or two I will be getting my attachments placed on. The aligners feel the exact same as my previous ones, but have a better fit now =)