Smart Track Invisalign Toronto Refinement Aligners

I started my Toronto Invisalign refinement aligners last week and they feel great! In late January 2013, Invisalign changed their aligners to the smart track system. With these aligners there is no sudden soreness/tension when you switch into a new set. The tension is gradual which has helped me when biting into foods that are more dense. These aligners are also very flexible and feel great on my teeth. My previous aligners sometimes felt very bulky, but I adapted to them. After trying on my refinement aligners, I was pleasantly surprised as it feels like I have nothing on my teeth! I have a total of 13 aligners with the last 3 being over correction. Below is a video of me showing the flexibility of the aligners.  Also go and check out one of my co-worker's blogs for her Richmond Hill Invisalign experience.  Enjoy!

Keep smiling and have a great weekend! :)

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