My Invisalign Toronto Update

This week I went into my 6th tray! Time has gone by really fast! I am halfway through my refinement aligners and can definitely notice a difference with my top 2 front teeth. My bite feels a little different on my front teeth now, especially when I am eating. Like I previously mentioned in my last post, my aligners have the new smart track material which feels much lighter on my teeth and also less tense. For this reason, I am noticing less tension headaches and soreness on my teeth. I also had some interproximal reduction (IPR) done between my upper centrals at week 3 of refinement. The weeks literally fly by and I don't feel any sort of discomfort with the aligners. I've come to a point in my treatment that I feel strange when I don't have my aligners on! I will be posting some progress photos soon to show you how far I've come with my treatment. Thank you for reading!

Keep smiling =)

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