The Toronto Invisalign Consultation

Like most of our Toronto Invisalign patients, this is the appointment I was a little nervous and excited about.  It began with a series of eight pictures, which included some exterior facial shots and some images of my teeth.  Following this, a digital panorex and cephalogram x-ray was taken.  I then made my way to the consult room to hear about my orthodontic options.  Dr. Tam was very thorough about his treatment plan for me.  I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised to hear I was a good candidate for invisalign.  When I inquired about invisalign in the past, I was told that it wouldn't work for me.  Due to the shortening of some of my roots, correcting my bite 100% may actually affect my teeth in a negative way. Dr. Tam advised me that this would be the case with invisalign or braces.  Luckily, my priority is to correct the alignment of my teeth. After hearing the good news, I was over joyed with excitement like a kid in a candy store!  

Typically, a set of PVS impressions would be taken prior to beginning treatment, however, at our office we use digital iOC scanners. Instead of having goop in your mouth from a traditional impression, these scanners take digital images of your teeth and your invisalign aligners are created based on that.  Having the digital scan done was great! It didn't involve anything messy which I loved.  Now that the appointment was over, all I had to do was patiently wait for my aligners to arrive!  This was it, I was officially on my way to a perfect smile!  Here is a video about the iOC scanner:

Just below, I've posted my initial photos that were taken on the day of the consultation. I will continue to post photos and share my progress with all of you!  

Initial photos (Nov 2011)

The 411 On INVgirl... My Toronto Invisalign Journey.

Welcome to my blog! I am a dental hygienist at MCO Orthodontics, one of the biggest practices for Invisalign in Toronto, and Dr. Tam has given me the opportunity to begin invisalign treatment! I’ve always had rotated teeth, but it never bothered me until a few years ago.  Due to this reason, I have become very self conscious about my smile.  I cannot explain how ecstatic it makes me feel to be starting this journey. Invisalign, you are a blessing in disguise! I will share all my experiences, including the good, the bad and some tips and tricks!  I hope you will follow me on this journey to creating my brand new smile :)