My MCO Invisalign Experience: Invisalign Attachments

I had my attachments placed on one week ago at MCO Orthodontics.  Attachments are little bumps that are bonded to specific teeth to help move them in certain directions throughout your treatment.  The number of attachments varies per person.  In my case I needed 13! Thankfully they aren't very noticeable.  After getting used to the first two aligners, it was a very strange feeling to have 13 little bumps on my teeth.  When I first put on aligner 3 with the attachments, it was so difficult for me to remove the aligners due to the 13 attachments.  I'm still using the same removal technique as shown in the video, but I found a pattern that works better for me.  Everybody will find a technique that works for them.

Here's a video all about attachments made by Dr. Tam with my co-workers Aya and Mandy:

I bite my lower lip sometimes because of the position of one of the attachments.  Because I’m so used to having the attachments, I don’t realize I have them until I bite my lip when I’m chewing.  The feeling is comparable to “accidently biting on your lip.”

I can definitely feel my teeth starting to move now.  The aligners fit much more snug around my teeth and sometimes cause soreness.  However, I was expecting this to happen.  Traditional braces or invisalign will definitely cause some soreness because your teeth are shifting. The first 3 days of wearing the new aligners with my attachments on were a little discomforting because of how tight they fit.  Now that it’s been almost a week, I don’t feel a thing.

These past couple of days have been a lot better.  I’ve gotten used to having the attachments, but now I’m so paranoid that they will stain yellow if I don’t immediately brush after my meals. So far so good! Like I mentioned before, nobody has noticed that I’m wearing invisalign. I hope I can keep this up for the next year and a half!

I've posted some pictures of me getting the attachments placed on. There are a few steps involved.  Enjoy!

 It is really important that the saliva does
not touch the surface of the teeth in order
for the glue to adhere properly. This is why 
I have those white cheek retractors in my mouth.

 After placing the attachments on a blue UV light is
used to help harden the glue. 

After removing the trays, all the attachments must 
be properly trimmed to allow the aligners to fit
correctly. This is the most tedious part of the 
appointment because the attachments shapes must be 
very accurate. 

Voila! All my attachments are on and I am wearing
aligner 3. You may be able to see the attachments 
up close, but you definitely can't from far! It's great!

Thanks for reading!

Keep smiling =)