Markham Invisalign Journey So Far...

Hi everyone! I apologize for my overdue blog post. I am currently halfway through aligner 9 and noticing some changes. According to my simulation, my anterior teeth are all being pushed forward to create room for movement. The posterior molars will not be shifting because they are already aligned.  My once inseparable lower front teeth now have an even larger space between them! I'm definitely not used this. Although its 100 times easier for me to floss in this area, it's also the number one food trap! I've also noticed that my smile is starting to look a little different now that the teeth are slightly pushed forward.  A few people have also commented on this.  It doesn't really bother me because I know it's part of the process.

As for my attachments, they are not as white as they were in the previous pictures I posted.  I am an avid green tea drinker and as we all know, tea in a culprit for staining teeth. I'm also East Indian, so a lot of our ethnic foods stain easily. My attachments are slightly stained, but nothing out of the ordinary. I also try to drink all my liquids through a straw to prevent staining.  I noticed that using a whitening toothpaste directly on the attachments reduces the staining slightly. I've been using whitening toothpaste for several years now with a Sonicare electric toothbrush. I brush for the normal 2-3 minutes and then spend an extra 30 seconds - 1 minute just on the attachments. This stain reducing method may not work for everyone, but it has been for me so far.

Here are some progress photos that were taken a week ago.

By the way, no one has noticed the aligners yet!

Keep smiling =)