Goodbye to my Toronto Invisalign Attachments!

I am happy to say that my attachments have come off for my Invisalign in Toronto! I forgot what it feels like to have "bump-less" teeth. My teeth are so smooth now and not to mention, MUCH straighter! I've been getting a lot of compliments from patients, co-workers, family and friends! The process of removing the attachments was fairly quick. This was my second time having attachments removed. I took a short video of the way attachments are removed. I also have some updated progress photos. In my photos, you might notice that my upper anterior teeth still need some slight adjustments. I will be going into refinement aligners in a couple of weeks from now which will help align those teeth.  I was forewarned that not having attachments on my front teeth would mean a good likelihood that they would not be done after these sets, so I'm ok with this.  I also have a small filling on the mesial tip of the upper right central incisor, which is making it look more crooked than it actually is.  I might need attachments for that stage depending on what my orthodontist treatment plans for me. For now, I am just so excited to feel the smoothness of my teeth again! Enjoy the pictures and video!

What do you think? I have the biggest smile on my face right now after seeing how much progress my teeth have made. It's amazing! Thanks for reading!

Keep smiling! =)