Goodbye to my Toronto Invisalign Attachments!

I am happy to say that my attachments have come off for my Invisalign in Toronto! I forgot what it feels like to have "bump-less" teeth. My teeth are so smooth now and not to mention, MUCH straighter! I've been getting a lot of compliments from patients, co-workers, family and friends! The process of removing the attachments was fairly quick. This was my second time having attachments removed. I took a short video of the way attachments are removed. I also have some updated progress photos. In my photos, you might notice that my upper anterior teeth still need some slight adjustments. I will be going into refinement aligners in a couple of weeks from now which will help align those teeth.  I was forewarned that not having attachments on my front teeth would mean a good likelihood that they would not be done after these sets, so I'm ok with this.  I also have a small filling on the mesial tip of the upper right central incisor, which is making it look more crooked than it actually is.  I might need attachments for that stage depending on what my orthodontist treatment plans for me. For now, I am just so excited to feel the smoothness of my teeth again! Enjoy the pictures and video!

What do you think? I have the biggest smile on my face right now after seeing how much progress my teeth have made. It's amazing! Thanks for reading!

Keep smiling! =)


  1. Anonymous12/09/2013

    How long did it take to remove the attachments? Can you feel it on sensitive teeth?

  2. It took 5-7 minutes to remove my attachments. You can feel some vibrations and air blowing on your teeth while they are being removed. I personally do not have sensitive teeth, but if you do feel sensitive during the procedure then let your orthodontist or hygienist know so they can make it as comfortable as possible for you :)

  3. Anonymous12/19/2013

    I am in my refinement stage and I remember that feeling of smooth teeth after attachments came off. Enjoy it! One thing I have happening is spaces at the bottom of a few teeth where the teeth are triangle shaped. I'm a little scared that these will stay since those teeth aren't being moved any more and I don't have many trays left. Has this happened to you and is it common? What is the fix...more refinements?

    1. Hi there, the space you are referring to is what we call a black triangle. It is the area that the gums are supposed to fill, not necessarily a space between the teeth. I also have a small black triangle space between 2 of my bottom front teeth (due to previous crowding). I would address your concern with your orthodontist :)