Toronto Invisalign - Chipped or Broken Attachment?

Hi everyone! Today I want to talk a little bit about chipped or broken attachments. I am currently on aligner #11. I was supposed to switch into aligner #12 a few days ago, but I noticed that same day that one of my upper premolar attachments was chipped. I'm not sure when this happened, but I am certain that it was some time in the past week. I generally check my attachments weekly to make sure they are all intact. I will have a new attachment bonded on before I switch into aligner #12. It is important that if/when an attachment comes off, that you do not switch into your next set until the attachment is bonded back on. For example, if I were to get my new attachment bonded on with aligner #12, than I won't get the correct movement with my tooth for that stage. If I bond the new attachment at the end of #11 cycle, than my attachment will be in the spot it is supposed to be in for the beginning of stage 12. 

Sometimes with the attachments being so small, it is hard to tell whether or not they are chipped/broken. A good way to check the shape is to match the outline of the attachment wells on the aligner and compare it to the actual attachment bonded on the tooth. If you're still uncertain and not sure if the attachment is chipped/broken, it is best to see your orthodontist and have them take a look at it for you. Having a chipped/broken attachment and not getting it fixed can delay your treatment time because the tooth won't align correctly. It can also cause future aligners to not fit accurately. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask them in the comments section! Hope everyone has a sunshine filled weekend! 

Keep smiling =)