Interproximal Reduction (IPR) for Invisalign in Toronto

Hi everyone! A couple of weeks ago I had Interproximal Reduction (IPR) done. I have mentioned this before in one of my previous posts. It is a round diamond disc that the orthodontist will use to help create a minuscule space between the teeth to allow them to rotate/align. IPR can be done in different forms. The two most common forms are a strip and disc. In this case, an IPR disc was used. Both forms of IPR are always done by the orthodontist.  The first time I ever saw an IPR disc, I was a little intimidated by it and also very curious as to how it felt against the teeth. To my surprise, it really doesn't hurt or irritate the teeth. It just feels like something is vibrating against your teeth. I'm sure there are many Invisalign patients who will agree with me about this. Also, not everyone will need IPR, but if you do, it is definitely not something to be afraid of :)  

At this visit, we also took a progress panorex xray to see my roots. Everything looked to be going on track! This was exciting to hear! Also, I was switched to a 7 day cycle which means my attachments will be coming off in exactly 3 weeks!! Although I will need refinement aligners, I'm happy to be close to the end of my midcourse correction aligners!

This is my panorex xray from when I initially began treatment 

This is the panorex xray we took a few weeks ago in October 2013. My roots are looking much better! 

I hope everyone is having a great weekend so far!

Keep smiling :)