Feeling Blue Or Under The Weather With Your Toronto Invisalign?

For the past week I've been feeling a little blue with the usual cold symptoms (stuffy/runny nose, sore throat, cough, etc). I'm not sure if anyone has experienced being sick with Invisalign, but it's definitely not a great feeling. I avoid putting my aligners back on until I give them a thorough cleaning. Luckily our office is closed this week so I was able to spend extra time cleaning my aligners at home. It's an unpleasant feeling putting your aligners back on when knowing you've coughed all over them. Here's what I've been doing: Filling a small container 1/4 way with water. Then I add about 3 table spoons of clear mouth wash. I let it soak in there for 15 minutes and brush it under running water.  I use a separate brush for cleaning my teeth and aligners (I say this because I've heard some people use the same brush).  When I'm sick, I always use brand new brushes. I try to switch into new brushes every couple of days until my cold is gone. I know it sounds a little over board, but that`s just my germaphobe side kicking in. Thankfully I only have 4 more days of wearing these aligners. I can`t wait to put a fresh pair of trays on! Happy Easter to everyone celebrating! 

Thank you for reading and following me through my Invisalign journey! 

Keep smiling =)