End of my Toronto Invisalign Treatment!

I can finally say that I have completed my Invisalign treatment! It's been a few weeks since I finished my last aligner and moved onto retainers. I did have a filling re-done on my upper central incisor. That same incisor is very prone to moving forward throughout the day which is why I opted for a permanent fixed retainer behind my front four teeth. One of our hygienists Emma bonded the retainer for me. It is secured in with resin (glue) on each tooth and a wire that is bent to the grooves of my teeth. It took me about 3-4 days to get used to the retainer. I will admit that I didn't like it at first. I almost regretted getting it, but now it's really smooth and I barely notice it. After I had the fixed retainer bonded, an upper impression was taken to make a same day retainer (temporary). Emma then took an iOC scan of my teeth for Vivera retainers. Those take a few weeks to come in which is why I had a temporary one made at our clinic lab. Here are a series of photos taken that day!

Step 1: Bond the upper fixed lingual retainer. I have 2 cotton rolls under my upper lip which is why it looks funny!

Step 2: Retainer is bonded. Emma is taking an upper impression of my teeth to make a same day removable retainer (looks just like an Invisalign aligner)

Step 3: An upper and lower iOC scan for Vivera retainers
Step 4: While we were taking the scan of my teeth, my impression was poured up and a model was created. I then made a temporary retainer with this model!

Now for the most exciting part! Here are my initial and final photos! My teeth have come a long way! I started my treatment in January 2012 and completed everything by April 2014!

Tadda! What do you guys think? I have been receiving many compliments on my new smile! Having that perfect smile that everyone longs for truly does improve the way you carry yourself. I am no longer trying to cover my mouth when speaking or laughing (yes I used to do that!).  I am so grateful to have gone through this experience and achieve the smile that I have been waiting 10+ years for! Thank you to Dr. Tam and our amazing MCO team for helping me through my treatment!

P.S. Our hygienist Emma is in treatment with metal braces. She also writes a blog about her experience as an adult with braces! Feel free to check it out! http://stouffvillebraces.blogspot.ca/

Thank you for reading and following me throughout my Invisalign journey! 

....as always, keep smiling =)