Celebrities and Invisalign!

I wanted to have a little fun with today's blog post. As most of you know, Invisalign has become extremely popular, especially among celebrities. I've created a small collage of some celebrities who have had Invisalign or are currently in treatment. Enjoy!

Justin Beiber, Khloe Kardashian,
Bailee Madison, Katherine Heigl,
Christina Milian, Cheryl Cole

As for my Invisalign, thing's are progressing very well! I'm currently on aligner 22, which means I am that much closer to finishing my treatment! Next week I will be having interproximal reduction (IPR) done (scheduled for aligner 23) and will post a video of the procedure. Most people are afraid when they hear the word "interproximal reduction," so I want to post a video and show you that it is not as intimidating as it sounds. 

Keep smiling! =)