16 Month Progress Photos With My Toronto Invisalign

I am currently 16 months into my Invisalign treatment and so incredibly happy with the results so far! As promised, I posted progress photos. The first set of pictures is what my teeth originally looked like in January 2012 and the second set is from June 2013. I used to be very self conscious about my front two upper teeth (centrals) overlapping because it would look funny in pictures.  It's now come to a point that they look almost straight! Although they are still overlapped, it definitely isn't  as noticeable anymore! My lower anterior teeth have changed so much. Many of my friends/family/co workers are also noticing the changes and are very happy with the results (as am I)!

Keep in mind that due to my pre-existing root resorption, Dr. Tam has decided to move my teeth at a bit of a slower rate to minimize any future damage.  Still, he felt it was safe enough for me to go on a 10 day cycle.  This makes me SO happy and excited knowing that my teeth will be almost perfect at the end of the year! I am really close to having that perfect smile that I have been so anxiously waiting for! Below are the photos! 

January 2012 (Initial photos)

Progress photos (16 months in). June 2013

What do you think about the progress? It feels great!

Keep smiling!