AcceleDent with Invisalign!

I am happy to say that my Invisialign treatment is almost complete! I will be having one of my fillings re-done this week. Once this filling is done, I will post before and after pictures to show you the final result. 

I wanted to talk about a product called AcceleDent. It has been around for a few years, but was just recently introduced to North America. AcceleDent is an extra oral hand held mouth piece. It has accelerated micro pulses to speed up the bone remodeling process during orthodontic treatment. It is used for only 20 minutes/day (consecutively) and great for anyone who has Invisalign or braces. Acceledent will help reduce your treatment time anywhere between 30-50%. This is huge for many of our patients, especially adults! It also has the benefit of reducing any discomfort and soreness. We have been offering AcceleDent to our patients for the past year and the response has been nothing but positive! We have patients in both Invisalign and braces treatment using it. The mouth pieces come in different sizes and forms to best suit your mouth. It is personalized to you. I wish AcceleDent was available when I started treatment! I was over 50% into my treatment when we started using it, so I wouldn't have benefited from it. For anyone who is interested in orthodontic treatment and concerned about the treatment time, definitely think about AcceleDent as an option. Here is a the link to the AcceleDent website if you are interested! http://acceledent.com/

I can't wait to share my final photos with you! 

Thanks for reading :)

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